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Google Affiliate Program For Advertisers and Publishers

Google launched its own affiliate program known as Google Affiliate Program that pays whenever a sale is made through the advertisements displayed on a publisher's website or blog.

It also benefits the advertisers as they only pay commissions when a sale is made, unlike Google Adsense, which was a 'cost per click' program, where advertisers payed whenever a click was registered on the advertisements.

Google Affiliate Program for Advertisers and Publishers

The Google Affiliate program is beneficiary both for advertisers as well as publishers. For advertisers, the biggest benefit is that they need to pay the publishers only when a sale is registered through the advertisements.

It also is a benefit for publishers because they earn healthy amounts in the form of commissions - a percentage of sales made through advertisements on their website.

Google Affiliate Program Requirements and Benefits for Publishers

Google Affiliate program is suitable for those publishers who have substantial knowledge about click conversion into sales. Also, the website being used for publishing advertisements should provide high quality content to the visitors to maintain the Google standards of advertising.

There are many benefits that are associated with the Google AdSense affiliate program

  • The biggest advantage is the commission on every sale made through the advertisements which is much bigger than the earnings through AdSense's pay per click structure.
  • Publishers get to connect with a variety of advertisers and can pick the ones which best suite their website or blog.
  • Many advertisers run their own referral programs that help publishers to earn even better.
  • Easy reporting of all transactions that occurred through the publisher account.
  • Anybody using AdSense can get into the affiliate program.
  • The trust factor that is built in because of the brand association with Google.
  • A technical support team that eases out the processes of contacting advertisers and setting up advertisements on a website or blog.

Google Affiliate Program Requirements and Benefits for Advertisers

The affiliate program benefits affiliate marketing blog advertisers too, as they pay only when a visitor clicks on an advertisement and purchases the product or service supported by the advertiser. As an advertiser, one needs to be able to build quality advertisements to attract visitors and then compel them to make a purchase.


The benefits associated with Google affiliate program for advertisers are:

  • As an advertiser, one gets to choose quality publishers to promote their brands.
  • The benefit lies in the 'pay per action' structure of payments. With such a structure, you only pay when you make a profit.
  • Some of the biggest brands are associated with the Google affiliate program. This builds a trust factor among the visitors on the website.
  • Various tracking tools are available that help advertisers track the various campaigns of online advertising.
  • A detailed profile of all publishers who are affiliated with the program is available to all advertisers, that allows them to choose from a group of publishers in a given niche.
  • Only those publishers are affiliated with the program who deliver according to Google's policies. Hence, advertisers lay assured that the traffic visiting their campaign are searching for quality.

Google Affiliate Program Overview

The Google affiliate program is a success among publishers and advertisers. There were some initial problems associated with the interface of the website as it was previously a Doubleclick Performics Affiliate Operations undertaking till 2008. With the new domain being shifted to a sub domain of Google, the problems with the user interface have been resolved.

Also, people already using the Google affiliate program are satisfied with the performance of the advertisements provided. The one problem that publishers face is that advertisers mostly reject a publisher who is already associated with another advertiser in a similar niche.

To sign up as a Google Affiliate as a publisher or an advertiser, use the following link.